Damian Zermeno DevOps/SRE Engineer

My Expertise

With 10+ years of sysadmin experience, I am an innovative IT professional known for my passion for open source and automation. I thrive on simplifying complex tasks, driving continuous improvement, and delivering efficient solutions. Let's make a difference together.

Server Management & Automation

GNU Bash Python Amazon EC2

Driving digital transformation with over a decade of expertise in server management and process automation, I have a proven track record in deploying DevOps methodologies to streamline operations and ensure the high availability of services across complex environments.

DevOps Engineering Skills

Jenkins Docker GitHub Actions

Focusing on the core of DevOps, I excel in integrating continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) systems, leveraging Jenkins, Ansible, and Docker to promote agile development practices and infrastructure as code (IaC), ensuring rapid, reliable, and repeatable deployments.

Tools & Technologies

Red Hat Open Shift Terraform Kubernetes

Adept in an extensive array of DevOps tools and technologies, my expertise spans Python scripting, Linux system administration, and the orchestration of containerized applications with Docker and Kubernetes. Proficient in automating deployment pipelines using Ansible and managing infrastructure with Terraform, I enhance operational efficiencies and foster collaboration across development teams.